About decktek

We are a team of professionals with decades of combined experience.

Decking is one of the most stunning and practical ways of utilising your outdoor spacing. Not only does it require minimal maintenance but it gives you additional space to take advantage of.

With our combined 50 years of experience in the caravan and decking industry, you can be sure that we will meet and exceed your project’s expectations.

Compared to other property projects, decking is one of the most affordable. It also adds value to your property both visually and financially.

We specialise in two types of decking: lodge and caravan.


Decking solutions for Caravans and Lodges

Looking for ways to improve the overall look of the outside of your property? Consider decking!

Decking is an inexpensive addition to your property, requiring minimal maintenance to upkeep its sleek look and quality.

It’s also a great alternative to glass whilst providing a functional space for you and your family to enjoy.

Caravan Decking

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Lodges Decking

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